Periwinkle Place Manor

Bed & Breakfast

Is Periwinkle Haunted???

I guess you will have to stay and see for yourself...Peri is a Historic Funeral Home dating back to the 1800's...many souls have past throught here. Many guests have reported all kinds of things from the rocking horse moving, the old dolls moving or watching them, doors open and close, humming, coughing, footsteps, someone sitting on beds and even seeing is some footage from some of the Ghost Hunts we have had....come for a visit and see for yourself!

To book a Ghost Hunt please contact Jodi at 319-551-3660

One this video watch the right frame first to see the chair move and the door open , then watch the left frame the door will close

The Door at a different time

Location: 704 Main St., Chelsea, Iowa